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Many retailers struggle to achieve the right conversion rate for their business. For some retailers, this is due to an inefficient product page or excessive competition, while for others it may be due to ineffective marketing strategies or low levels of consumer confidence. Although there are many ways to increase these rates, the most important aspect of any eCommerce brand is to track their conversion rates and continuously improve on them.

Each company is different and has its own unique needs, but typically there are four main areas where retailers can focus their conversion rate optimization efforts: (1) customer experience; (2) website design; (3) conversion rate; and (4) marketing campaigns.

1) Customer Experience – The first step in optimizing your site’s performance is by improving the overall user experience. This includes things like making sure that all pages load quickly, having a clear call-to-action button, providing easy navigation options, etc.

2) Website Design – Next up is ensuring that you have optimized your eCommerce platforms so they perform well across multiple devices. You should also make sure that your content is easily accessible from mobile phones as well as desktop computers.

3) Conversion Rates – Finally, once you have made improvements to both the customer experience and the usability of your site, you need to ensure that people actually convert into customers when visiting your store. To do this, you will want to look at how often visitors leave without completing a purchase.

4) Marketing Campaigns – Once you have improved your conversions through better UX/UI and more effective SEO, then you can start looking at other aspects of your marketing strategy such as social media advertising, email marketing, paid search ads, etc.

Strategies to Improve Ecommerce Conversion Rates.

In order to optimize your average conversion rate, it is important to understand where your online store stands by knowing a good eCommerce conversion rate. There are several tools available to determine what percentage of traffic converts into sales. One example would be Google Analytics, a powerful analytics tool, which allows you to see exactly who visits your site, how long they stay, bounce rates, and whether they complete a transaction. Another tool is called Hotjar which provides similar information about user behavior by providing detailed reports based on real-time metrics, it's reporting gives you insight into everything from the number of sessions per day to the amount spent during those sessions and heat maps. It even tells you how many times users return after leaving your site. These types of analytics allow you to identify trends within your data set and find out if certain actions are working or not.

Utilizing the data you have to make changes to your online store is important once you have enough data. For instance, you may test different conversion funnels, change the button placement or layout, or go through the recorded video session to recognize areas of improvement in the shopping experience. In addition, using a tool like Hotjar you can conduct customer surveys by asking visitors a simple question such as "What is stopping you from purchasing today?" after a few minutes of the session. You'll be surprised how many answers you'll be able to collect through the customer surveys.  

Conversion Rate Optimization's Biggest Benefit

One of the biggest benefits of CRO is it will bring you more eCommerce sales at lower customer acquisition costs. However, Conversion Rate Optimization for eCommerce is a never-ending process that will always have room for improvement, therefore, many eCommerce businesses can simply lack in such processes, but must be willing to invest back to improve.

Nowadays, just having high-quality product images is not enough as competition rises. Many brands are investing their profits back into user-generated content (happy customers video) because those product videos are always proven to generate more sales and boost conversion rates as it provides great personalized experience by teaching the potential customer what to expect in the product. Optimizing your product descriptions along with high-quality product images and product videos will allow your brand to lower customer acquisitions costs which will bring you a higher return on ad spend.

However, if you are using a Shopify platform, it will be difficult to make advanced changes as desire if you don't have knowledge in coding, so using a tool like Gempages, Zipify, and Shogun will allow a no-code drag and drop experience that will allow you to customize all layouts of a landing page. One of the main benefits of these tools is that it allows split testing, which is a great way to improve a landing page conversions rates without having a two separate URL. In addition, you can create custom product page views for mobile users that will help optimize mobile sales.

By Leveraging Conversion Funnel Strategies, We Can Help You Increase Your Current Conversion Rate.

It can be difficult for people with no experience to improve conversion rates with multivariate testing and advanced tools. Our team of experts at EcomHype has helped companies around the world to increase their e-commerce conversion rates and are confident in providing our expertise to our clients to help them reach business goals. We'll create a marketing funnel that will improve the customer journey and conversion process to get you more online sales than ever.

Our agency is a proud Shopify Partner that knows how to fully utilize the powerful capabilities of the platform. Also, because of our collective talents in eCommerce conversion rate optimization backed by decades of combined expertise, we are confident in helping your online business scale.

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