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Instagram is an increasingly popular social network, especially among millennials. Many e-commerce companies tap into the power of Instagram to market their products and services. Its parent company is Facebook which has more than 2 billion users worldwide. The platform allows you to post photos or videos. This makes Instagram advertising very effective for reaching new customers as well as engaging current ones.

  • The number of active monthly users on Instagram has surpassed 1 billion, representing a staggering 500 million daily users!
  • At least 80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand. Today, more than 25 million brands have Instagram accounts. One-third of Instagram Stories viewed by businesses come from businesses, and one-fifth of those stories receive direct messages.
  • More than half of users find brands and products attractive after seeing them on Instagram, and at least 30% have made purchases through the app.

Data doesn't lie. Instagram is an absolutely essential tool for telling your brand's story.

Regardless of whether you're just getting started on Instagram or you've been struggling to manage your campaigns, EcomHype can create and manage campaigns that showcase your company, inspire your target audience, convert clicks into sales, and provide the greatest return on investment.

Instagram Marketing: Why it Works

What is the secret behind the success of Instagram? The visuals are what make the difference.

It is by nature for human beings to learn through sight. Our brain processes image 60k times faster than text and receive 90% of all information as visual images.

Images and videos not only account for the majority of internet traffic, but they are also extremely effective marketing tools as they allow brands to communicate with customers in a very visual way. Your business is able to share valuable visual content with the entire world with Instagram advertising, which is cost-effective and popular. Using Instagram Ads, you can display your video ads or even a single image on Instagram Stories and Newsfeed. Using user-generated content for your video ads will boost social proof and literally hyper-accelerate your sales and conversion rate.

In addition, Instagram is a great social media platform for increasing your fan base of active users, which can facilitate the generation of user-generated content. One great example would be FashionNova, which uses Instagram influencers to generate content by having them upload organic posts and then tagging them, which can also be used for marketing purposes and to reach potential customers. If you don't have any user-generated content, we suggest you run a giveaway and also partner up with influencers with a larger audience that will get you more followers and boost engagement rates for your businesses.

Instagram is also an e-commerce platform with the features such as shopping posts that you can tag eCommerce products directly to the Instagram Feed. Utilizing a visual platform allows potential customers to make an informed purchase decision, which is beneficial for any eCommerce business. To leverage this feature, you must have a business Instagram profile and integrate your product catalog to Facebook Business Manager. Once Facebook has approved your catalog for product tagging, you will be able to leverage the power of shopping posts.

The Advantages Of Advertising On Instagram 

The Facebook Ads Manager is accessible to Instagram advertisers since Instagram is a part of Facebook. Any business using this platform can make and test effective ads, monitor a variety of key metrics, and optimize content to achieve the best results.

Companies of all sizes can also benefit from Instagram's organic growth because they will no longer have to pay for likes and followers. Your brand awareness will increase when you post regularly, helping you build natural relationships with potential customers while also increasing ad response.

It can also be a great tool for keeping up with your audience's ever-changing interests. When your business can quickly gauge what's attracting their attention, it can better tailor both organic and marketing content to boost engagement. With placements such as Instagram stories ads, collection ads, and feeds, you can reach a wider audience and boost organic engagement while generating eCommerce sales.

Furthermore, all of your marketing efforts can benefit from the information gathered from Instagram. Traffic generated by the app can easily be retargeted to platforms such as Facebook, Google, and even Instagram itself can be utilized to promote some of your other social media campaigns.

We Can Help You Position Your Brand For Long-term Success On Instagram

Launching an effective Instagram advertising campaign is a complicated endeavor, and the app is growing increasingly competitive by the day. In order to make your brand stand out and ensure long-term success, you will need all its tools - A/B split testing, conversion tracking, lookalike audiences, and more.

Any single individual would be overwhelmed by that task.

EcomHype knows that a poorly constructed social media strategy can cause many businesses to lose customers after a few years, if not for many years. Our goal is to achieve the highest return on your advertising investment, and we would never tolerate a listless campaign that does not generate results.

We are proud to be a Facebook Partner agency that knows how to take advantage of the platform's powerful features. In addition to that, because of our ability to combine the talents of multiple minds with decades of combined expertise in the area of Instagram and social media advertising, we believe you will look forward to seeing our results.

If you are interested in knowing how we can grow your business and work with you to reach your business goals, contact us today!