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Google Shopping Ads for Ecommerce

Google is the world's leading search engine company, and its subsidiary company, YouTube, is the world's largest video-sharing platform. Google provides various content to their consumers each day, including news, videos, blogs, etc.

Many consumers use the platform to watch content, research their interests, or discover new information. With so many people using the platform daily, many businesses, including eCommerce brands, leverage the platforms to run product ads to target their potential customers. With so much data available with the right strategies it will allow you to scale your campaign with ease. One of the main features we like to leverage in Google is Shopping Ads, a type of ad that appears on the right side of the search engine, aggregates all products, and displays them nicely.

Google Shopping Ads Campaign Settings can be categorized into:

- Standard Shopping Campaigns
- Smart Shopping Campaigns

To maximize your return and scale your eCommerce brand, it's crucial to use all features of Google Shopping Ads. Your performance can be determined by product titles, product ratings, and product images. Therefore, it's crucial to have the correct product attributes and set up the shopping campaign properly. The product type that tends to work best with Shopping ads is eCommerce businesses with a lot of inventory, such as Apparel & Accessories. However, any niches can be promoted to reach the target campaign goal if you have the right strategies in place.

All Ecommerce Brands Can Benefit From Google Shopping Ads

You're probably already using Google Shopping Ads to help drive more online shoppers to your eCommerce website, but you might not realize the potential the platform holds. Since over 50% of Internet users conduct product searches via Google, it's a logical choice for eCommerce owners to use the search engine as a means for advertising. So what does this mean?

You may be able to attract more customers to your site and increase your e-commerce sales, and these ads can be seen by people across the country and internationally. You can also benefit from improved brand recognition and improved brand awareness. Cross-selling and up-selling opportunities also increase, and the ads are mobile-friendly, meaning you can reach mobile shoppers too.

Each campaign can also be tested by its own product category, which will give you more level of control over campaigns and allow you to improve campaign priority based on results. Moreover, as you receive more data, Google will enable Smart Campaigns, which will enable you to bid using machine learning to control the campaign. Smart Shopping saves a lot of time because it allows only very little control and most of it is handled by Google.

The Advantages Of Running Shopping Ads On Google Adwords.

One of the many advantages of running Shopping ads on Google is that you can test various products in one campaign, which allows you to optimize the shopping ads with the product that are getting a higher interest and conversions.

Brands of all sizes can leverage shopping ads to drive more traffic and eCommerce sales. It will allow the marketer to figure out which product is getting the most attraction, and optimize based on the results, which will allow you to scale with predictability. In Google Ads, for instance, quality rankings may affect the overall performance of every campaign type. Based on the quality score, it will give you some insights to improve for product landing page allowing you to rearrange product photos, or even update product description that will bring you a higher quality score.

It can also be a great alternative platform to Facebook, which will allow you to scale further and not solely rely on Facebook Ads. This is great because it will help you outperform your competitors, those who solely rely on Facebook Ads to generate traffic for their brand. Nevertheless, it can be difficult because Google performs differently than Facebook ads. For example, it can not spend its daily budget if your campaign setup is not proper. For instance, Setting the bidding strategy to manual CPC, but if you set your manual bidding too low it will not spend and will require bid adjustments. Also, if your product data feed in Google Merchant Center is not set up properly with tax settings, shipping settings, and etc, then your campaign not be approved which requires you to optimize the product listings.

Furthermore, it's a great way to increase your AOV by cross-selling and dynamic remarketing to the existing customers who bought from your brand. Being able to show your top products is a great way to get existing customers to purchase again.

Let Us Help You Achieve Long-term Success With Google Shopping Ads.

A Google Shopping Ads campaign can be complex, and the platform has become increasingly competitive. If you are going to make your brand stand out and make sure long-term success, all of its tools are needed - Google Merchant Center, bidding strategies, conversion tracking, Google analytics, bid strategy, etc.

Any single person would be overwhelmed by the task.

A poorly designed shopping ad strategy will cause businesses to lose customers over the course of several years, if not a long time. Providing you with ads that generate results is our main objective as an advertising agency; therefore, we will never tolerate a campaign that fails to generate results.

We are the platform experts who know how to leverage the platform's features to the fullest. Using this powerful platform, your campaigns will be successful if you rely on the expertise of our team. Count on us to set up accounts, create ads, optimize demographics, manage bid strategies, optimize landing pages, track conversions, and much more!

It would be our pleasure to speak with you about how we can assist you in growing your eCommerce business and utilizing our expertise to your advantage.