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Customer Retention: SMS & Email Marketing For Ecommerce Business

To become successful, you have to be able to reap the benefits of your hard-won customers. Some of the best ways to win back your customers are by leveraging Email Marketing and SMS Marketing. These two marketing tools can help you retain more clients while also increasing sales conversions. These two methods work together in order to increase customer retention for eCommerce businesses.

In order to use these two marketing channels, you must capture subscribers to your list that will ultimately turn into a customer base. This is where email marketing comes in handy because it allows you to send out messages directly to those who signed up on your website or through an opt-in form. You can then follow up with them via text message if they opted in to receive such information from you.

Successful customer retention strategies are as follows:

1. Visitor to Subscriber: The Capture Process

2. Subscribers into repeat customers: Nurture them

3. Retaining Customers: Turning them into Lifetime Value

Regardless of the size of your eCommerce business, following these steps above are crucial for your long-term success. EcomHype can assist you in growing your online store’s revenue and profits with email marketing and SMS. 

Attract, nurture, and retain more subscribers and loyal customers

Email marketing has been proven time and again to be one of the most effective forms of digital advertising. It helps build brand awareness, increases traffic, boosts conversion rates, and generates leads. However, not all emails get opened. In fact, only about 30% of people actually open their inboxes every day. That means there's still plenty of room for improvement when it comes to getting your audience to pay attention to what you're saying. If you want to increase results for your brand, you need to learn how to leverage SMS marketing effectively along with your email campaigns. SMS marketing works hand in hand with email marketing. When someone signs up for your newsletter, you can offer an extra incentive for a two-step opt-in form which will motivate the customers to sign up using their phone number.

Unlike, email marketing campaigns, where the email can go into the promotion tabs, SMS marketing can be sent directly to the same channel the subscribers use to communicate with their friends and family which will have much higher open rates compared to other promotional options.

Marketing through SMS can be used to provide incentives, promote new products, or even cross-sell similar products based on the items that customers have already purchased. Unlike email alone, it can become extremely hyper-personalized, which makes SMS marketing even more effective.

You can even send personalized birthday SMS messages to the customers in your list, and offer them a unique discount code, which is great for customer loyalty. Also, you can send a special offer to inactive customers for a win-back campaign.

The advantages of leveraging your existing email list and customer lists.

Although many businesses are implementing email marketing, many of them are still not utilizing SMS marketing. One of the best ways to get started with SMS marketing is by leveraging the two-step opt-in form to begin growing your list. Great ways to increase the opt-in rates are by offering special incentives such as a 10% or 20% discount. Also, you can even add a banner to the top of your email newsletter by asking your existing email subscribers to send a text to your unique number which will then get the customer to opt-in to your SMS marketing channel. Additionally, if you have a large following on social media platforms, one of the best practices is to show swipe-up stories with an opt-in link that gets your followers registered which is a great way to increase engagement and subscriber list.

Effortlessly outperform your competitors with email marketing and SMS marketing platform. It is easier said than done though because it requires some planning and strategy. Moreover, you need to ensure that it complies with the legal requirements for SMS marketing, which are governed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Among the laws they enforce are the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the CAN-SPAM Act. 

Our experts can help you retain your current customers and attract new ones for long-term success.

An increase in customer retention can benefit all eCommerce brands regardless of the size of the company. If you implement the right message campaigns based on customers' shopping behavior it will allow you to increase retention rate and customer acquisition. Unlike email marketing, it's crucial to send fewer messages to your SMS subscribers list to provide a better customer experience and to reduce the opt-out rate.

At EcomHype, our team of experts has extensive knowledge in building an effective campaign that complies with the legal requirements to ensure our clients are fully compliant and help you set up effective campaigns to provide excellent customer journeys without annoying the list.

We are a proud Postscript Certified Partner and Klaviyo Master Partner agency that knows how to take advantage of the platform's powerful features. In addition to that, because of our ability to combine the talents of multiple minds with decades of combined expertise in the area of SMS and email marketing, we are confident in helping your e-commerce brand scale and get prepared for the holiday season (Q4).

Our team is eager to talk with you about how we can work together to help you grow your eCommerce business.